Which is fastest?

  hammerpoppy 10:30 16 Apr 09

I'm fairly new to computers and have two old'ish computers given to me, each with lots of various bits & bobs. I'm hoping to build the best one I can using parts from the two. My question probably seems stupid but one of the processors is an Athlon 1.24 GHz and the other is an Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz. So I assume that the celeron is the fastest, but could anyone confirm it please.
Both PCs have 512 MB of memory, but i will be upgrading that.
Thanks in advance.

  mrwoowoo 02:50 17 Apr 09

"So I assume that the celeron is the fastest"
You assume correctly.
The Athlons are rated so as to be easily comparable to the Intel chips.Therefore,the Intel is twice as fast.

  Pineman100 15:48 17 Apr 09

But bear in mind that the components of the two computers may not be interchangeable or compatible with each other - motherboard, memory modules, video card, etc.

  mrwoowoo 19:18 17 Apr 09

Good point.
The AMD and Intel chips will certainly not be interchangable with the others motherboard.

  jack 21:15 19 Apr 09

At motherboard level is not sensible.
At this stage of the machine to processor/MoBo memory are design as an integral item.
By all means swap drives around ,but even here the drive and operating system will in all likely hood have be reformatted if matched to a 'new' motherboard set up.

Making 1 good one from 2 seems a good idea but will lead almost certainly to much frustration and a large pile of junk.

  ronalddonald 02:44 21 Apr 09

are updated quite often and as the previous pc advisors have said the parts you have wont be compatible unless you hunt down old motherboards, this is gonna get tricky and you could well be wasting £ and time. Your better of scrapping them or selling the harddrives and buying yourself a newer one.

  ronalddonald 02:47 21 Apr 09

components come in different shades and sizes and its question of what will fit and so on. Not all parts are the same even though they may have the same function, you may find some parts to small to fit and some parts to big etc get the picture

  ronalddonald 02:48 21 Apr 09

shades is meant to be shapes

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