Which external Hard drive to buy?

  zeppman 15:27 29 Aug 10

I want to buy an external hard drive 1TB to run with my Smartbox 8320HD PVR which has 2 usb 2.0 connections.If I get a drive that Is usb powered (which I would prefer) will I have to connect to both usb connections 1 for power and one for the data?Can anyone recommend an external.

  kjrider 16:04 29 Aug 10

Try to go for one with a 2 or 3 year warranty.

  DieSse 16:27 29 Aug 10

Large enclosures with 3.5" drives always have a seperate PSU, as the USB ports do not supply enough power.

Smaller enclosures woth 2.52 (laptop type) drives

sometimes have one cable to put into two USB ports,

sometimes have two USB cables, one for data, one for power,

sometimes have a single USB cable and run from one port,

sometimes also have a DC PSU connection for an external PSU (like the 3.5" type) - but never (in my experience) actually have the PSU.

1TB 2.5" drives are thinner on the ground, but are available.

If it's for connection to a PVR, most likely you'll want a 7200rpm drive. I have no idea of the power capacity from USB ports on a PVR.

  DieSse 16:28 29 Aug 10

woth 2.52 should say with 2.5" - sorry.

  Batch 17:35 29 Aug 10

The single cable into 2 USB ports (which my Iomega drive has) is to provide a bit more power. I would guess that the 2 USB cables set-up is for the same reason (with the "data" cable providing both power and data).

USB ports are nominally rated at 500mA and this may not be enough, hence the doubling up on ports.

Not all UBS ports perform to this standard though. For example USB ports on the front of PCs often fail to deliver 500mA. I suspect this is because a single connection lead from the UBS board / USB part of the motherboard is being used to support more than one USB port on the front panel and the manufactures skimp on the power supply for these. Whereas USB ports on the back of PCs tend to be more reliable (i.e. better power characteristics).

As for what you SmartBox USB ports provide in teh way of power..... well that's another question.

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