Which DVD Format please for this Dvd Wtr

  Killo Bite 14:27 08 Oct 07

Hello all,

I have a LITEON DH-20A3P-12C 20x DVDRW in Black Drive and have buring issues and want to check I am using the correct DVD's. I know there are DVD+R and DVD-R can someone please tell me which Blank DVD's I should or can use with this drive

Many thanks in advance.

  hastelloy 14:49 08 Oct 07

It will burn to either DVD+R or DVD-R. Can you say more about the issues you're having?

  Killo Bite 15:21 08 Oct 07

Using Nero V7 essentials suite which came with the drive. When going to Burn the DVD it goes through the process and either get error incorrect media or there will be nothing burnt on the DVD have tried DVD-R imitation brand, bit of a pain.

CDR are fine but copying a DVD is a pain.

Thanks marvin42 for your reply

  woodchip 15:31 08 Oct 07

Try this click here

  woodchip 15:34 08 Oct 07
  Killo Bite 15:51 08 Oct 07

but what wrong with Nero ?

  woodchip 18:10 08 Oct 07

It's does not do what you ask

  Sparkly 18:40 08 Oct 07

Killo Bite i had a similar problem with a Teac DVD writer i was making coasters for a while i eventually got in touch with Teac support and they sent me a list of supported media for that drive that they had bench tested and touch wood i have had no problems since changeing the media. I have allso noticed on other forums that it is generaly noted that the better the disc is the less coasters you get cheapest is not allways the best route.I have found these very reliable.
click here

  Killo Bite 19:38 08 Oct 07

I can get these local, but if out of stock do you recomend SVP for reliable service?

Thanks again woodchip in HF and Sparkly.

Is their any known firmware for my drive maybe?

  Sparkly 20:38 08 Oct 07

Sparkly you recomend Datwrite brand
Yes very stable i have found.

Is their any known firmware for my drive maybe?
Try thier website see if you can track an update down.

  Sparkly 20:43 08 Oct 07

Sorry meant to add this.
click here

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