which drive to buy

  deggsymann 10:02 11 Jan 04

I am going to buy a new 80gb hard drive and have the option of an Exelstor or an IBM Hitachi Deskstar in my price range.

I have tried to find some reviews of both but am unable to find anything.

Has anyone got either, or seen any reviews that would point me in the right direction

Many thanks

  holly polly 10:20 11 Jan 04

click here
review on the excelstor
click here
hitachi review
take with a pinch of salt ,allways used maxtor without problems ,though western didgital ,seagate are very good ,wouldnt touch a ibm /hitachi with a bargepole ,dont know much about the excelstor drives so cannot advise ,good luck-hol pol....

  holly polly 10:22 11 Jan 04

3 year warranty ,i would go for the excelstor-hol pol....

  Rayuk 13:24 11 Jan 04

click here
for the Excelstor model

The IBM/Hitachi 7K250 have been well reviewd in a few mags I have seen.

Excelstor actually manufacture hard drives for a well known brand cannot at the mo remember who,willpost back if I find out

  Rayuk 13:25 11 Jan 04

IBM reviews
click here

  Trackrat 13:27 11 Jan 04

Have fitted 2 60gb excelstor drives and no problems also they are made by IBM/Hitachi but come with a 3 year warranty.

  tartanterror 13:32 11 Jan 04

holly i wouldn't touch maxtor with a barge-pole went through 2 of these drives in just over 2 years.
the ibm deskstar which was alongside these drives is serving me very well.
just purchased a new samsung spinpoint 160gb to replace the useless maxtor

  Rayuk 13:37 11 Jan 04

Excelstor used to manufacture hard drives for IBM
click here=

  holly polly 17:07 11 Jan 04

just goes t show u get good and bad in owt ,had a samsung went down ,3 ibm /hitachi ,but as of yet no maxtor after fitting 39 of these drives into various comps ,incidently no feedback from the seagate ,western d users --i wasnt aware that the excelstor are rebadged ibm ,3 years warranty ,nowt to lose ,though i dunno if the back up is a good as maxtor -regards-hol pol....

  Rayuk 18:19 11 Jan 04

Theyre not rebadged,Excelstor had the rights to IBM technologies based on the GXP120 and made some for IBM

  deggsymann 07:37 12 Jan 04

Thanks for the help everybody.

Have gone for the Excelstor - some good reviews, and a 3 year warranty. Suppose as Holly says get good and bad of everything - even Rolls Royces break down sometimes.

Expect a post in a few days asking how to format a drive!!!

ps posted this response once but not appeared - must have clicked clear by accident

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