Which connector for this port?

  Graham* 16 Jun 12

I am looking to connect a Mac to an external monitor. This is the only port on the Mac, which cable do I need to connect to VGA on the monitor?


  onthelimit1 16 Jun 12

Called a mini dvi - adaptor to VGA here

  Graham* 16 Jun 12

Thanks, will it be long enough?

  onthelimit1 16 Jun 12

I think the idea is that it plugs into an existing VGA cable!

  Graham* 16 Jun 12

Ah, so I'll need a VGA male to female cable too.

  onthelimit1 16 Jun 12

Doesn't look as though full length dvi to VGA cables are available, so yes, except you need male to male, I think?.

  KRONOS the First 16 Jun 12

Something like this: Vga Cable.

  onthelimit1 16 Jun 12

Yup, that's the one.

  Graham* 16 Jun 12

News Flash

I've found a HDMI on the monitor. I've now ordered 1 and 2

  wiz-king 16 Jun 12

Totally off topic - have you got a new URL for the PCA posters photos? I kooked for it today and it has gone awol.

  Graham* 16 Jun 12

Microsoft pulled the plug. They wanted us to take up 365 at $6 a month.


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