Which card for me?

  Lady Lara 19:27 25 Nov 06

I am looking at buying either of 2 graphics cards (ebay is a poor woman's upgrade!!)

Firstly the ATi RADEON 7000 PCI 64MB which has something called T&L which a friend says is a must.

Secondly the GeForce FX 5200 PCI 128mb.

I know the 128 is better for mb size but T&L????

I surf, play music, do graphics and play various games like AOE (want to play 3 but so slow hence the upgrade!!), Caesar 3 (looking to get 4) and Pharoah etc.

Which is the better. I have 512mb Ram but am upgrading to 1gb as and when i buy the graphics card.


  Mr Mistoffelees 19:40 25 Nov 06

T&L refers to Transform and Lighting, see click here for a brief explanation. Most new games require a graphics card that supports this.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:41 25 Nov 06

Do they have to be PCI cards?

If so, you will be limited in your choices.

The FX5200 is basic - I had one in an old machine for a while and it was ok for most things but I never played games.

Don't know about the ATI card.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:41 25 Nov 06

All nVidia GeForce cards support T&L.

  Lady Lara 20:04 25 Nov 06

My motherboard does not have an AGP Slot unfortunately. TO upgrade mobo, change RAM and possibly CPU would have proved too costly so went for Ram and Card option.

  Totally-braindead 20:29 25 Nov 06

I think the 5200 is better than the 7000 but they are both pretty poor but then you don't have much choice if you have to get a PCI card.
Was trying to check on Toms hardware site to compare the 2 cards but it seems to be down at the moment.

One thing though. There have been a couple of people in the past few months that discovered their computer would not accept a PCI card. This I thought was very unusual as I'd never come across this before but I have to accept what they said. The last one had a Dell PC and couldn't get a card he had already bought to work and thought the card was faulty but when he tried it on another PC it worked fine. He emailed Dell and they told him the card would not work with a PCI card and he was stuck with the onboard graphics, don't know why but thats what he was told. So its worth an email to the manufacturer before purchase just in case.

  Stuartli 20:33 25 Nov 06

The ATi 7000 is not a particularly good card - I once bought one in an emergency and, because it was so average I exchanged it later the same day for a 5200; worked a bit better but not great either.

  De Marcus™ 20:45 25 Nov 06

What about a pci geforce 6200? There's a few on ebay as well I notice ( example= click here ), I'd imagine it to be better than the two you've found but can't find a comparison indicator.

  Lady Lara 15:35 03 Dec 06

I have got the GeForce FX5200 and am awaiting it arriving. My mobo does not take AGP or PCI-E cards. Budget constraints tied me to £30 and I think I have got a decent deal. Will let you know on performance when it arrives.



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