Which Cable? Modem extension...

  AngeTheHippy 09:57 08 Jun 05

Morning Chaps,

BT have attached a dedicated ADSL plate to my wall, meaning I don't plug my Speedtouch into a filter then BT phone socket, but straight into the plate. I want to move the desk to the other side of the room, so pls can someone tell me whether it's possible to purchase an extension cable that has a modem plug, (are they called ADSL plugs?)at one end, and an ADSL socket at the other? And what should I ask for?

ta muchley,


  SEASHANTY 10:03 08 Jun 05

I use cable not adsl but it appears that this website has adsl extensions
click here

  AngeTheHippy 10:37 08 Jun 05

Item 2 on the list seems to be the one - and only £3.95!!

Many thanks, pal.


  SEASHANTY 11:33 08 Jun 05

That's a long cable for going across the room. 15m is over 48 feet. Shame you couldn't utilise the 4.5m cable (item 3 - which is only £2-70). With postage and vat I don't expect you will get much change from a tenner. Probably one of the cheapest websites tho' if you cannot obtain locally. I'm amazed at the variety of cables that C.U. stock. Best of luck taking up the carpet!!

  AngeTheHippy 11:16 11 Jun 05

Hi seashanty, received said cable this am. Cost £5.94. Couldn't be happier! It works a treat, OK, I CAN loop the cable around the room 104 times ( 8-D ) but hey, who cares! I can actually just push cable between carpet & wall.

Thanks again,


  SEASHANTY 13:32 11 Jun 05

Glad that you are all fixed up. Probably a cheaper option than PC World. Always come in handy should you wish to shift it upstairs. I have a 20m Lan cable running up the stairs to my third PC. It doesn't half attract some comments - but it works fine.

  Stuartli 16:19 11 Jun 05

You would have had to ask for a data cable with RJ11/45 plugs at both ends - I paid £7.50 for a 10m cable by Linsky from a local computer centre, which was a lot cheaper than many online outlets.

A three-metre version, supplied with the modem, was not long enough to allow direct connection to the ADSL splitter on the Master Socket.

Yet my son runs his BB connection from a 20m telephone extension cable running from the main hallway to the loft (last section is a data cable)...:-)

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