which browser ?

  polish 22:58 11 May 06

i have recently installed mozilla firefox and found alot better than internet explorer pages load quicker
downloads are quicker and now seem to be getting the best from 2mb broadband also use thunderbird for email and even this is better and quicker
was wondering what other people use and there views

  Rich Pickings 23:01 11 May 06

I use Firefox too, with the extension IE Tab for those stubborn websites.

  Forum Editor 23:03 11 May 06

people use Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari (if they are Mac users) and a couple of other browsers.

This question crops up fairly regularly, and usually results in a "my browser's the best' thread which goes on interminably. The fact is that no one browser is the best for everything - we all have our favourite.

If you want more information than that I suggest that you search the forum - you'll find more than one thread along the same lines. I'm going to lock this one now, because we don't need another 'best browser' debate at the moment.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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