Which Browser?

  Vimal 20:26 03 Jul 05

PC Athlon 2600plus, 512mb Ram, 512K Telewest BBand

I use XP HE with SP2 & IE v6 and find it slow! I have seen alternatives such FireFox and Opera. Anybody have any experience of using these and there relative merits?


  mattyc_92 20:29 03 Jul 05

I have tried to use "Firefox", but didn't have the time to try it out propery, so went back to IE (haven't tried since as I have forgot)

What I saw of it seemed to be a good(ish) interface and some good features. Haven't tried "Opera" though

  Belatucadrus 20:54 03 Jul 05

Browser use is somewhat subjective and all the major options have their supporters here.
All I can say is that over the years I tried Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Green, Avant etc and always ended up back with IE6. Until I tried Firefox, it's faster with tabbed browsing and a range of optional plugins to extend usability. I've been using it as my main browser ever since, with IE being relegated to picking up security updates.
IE7 will need to be pretty good to pry me away from Firefox.

  Joe R 21:05 03 Jul 05


as Belatucadrus, I have tried virtually, all the browsers available, and have found the latest version of firefox, to be the most stable.

If you install the IEview plug-in, it also means there is no problem, browsing pages designed specifically for I.E.

  VoG II 21:10 03 Jul 05

I agree with Belatucadrus. I collect browsers but Firefoc is my current favourite. I still use IE and Opera occasionally but prefer Firefox. But, as Belatucadrus said, it is subjective.

Firefox click here

  Pesala 21:36 03 Jul 05

Other than Internet Explorer, I've only ever used Opera, initially because of its built-in email client. I like it most because it is easy to customize to suit my needs for multi-lingual support. Tabbed browsing and zooming are also essential features for the way that I work. The Opera Community click here is excellent for getting to know how to use it fully.

Browser Speed Comparisons: click here

Why Opera? click here

30 days to becoming an Opera Lover: click here

  Pesala 21:41 03 Jul 05

I know about moire patterns and descreening through software, but what is the benefit of using the scanner to do that? If it takes four times as long, surely its not worth it? Software descreening only takes a few seconds. The scanner head is stop/starting while it processes the image, although if I select just a small area to scan, this doesn't seem to happen.

  woodchip 21:42 03 Jul 05

I think I will stick with Netscape 7.2 for a bit longer

  VoG II 21:43 03 Jul 05

Wrong thread?

  Pooke 21:45 03 Jul 05

Have them all, no rule says only one browser!

Firefox is what I use most though.......

  woodchip 21:54 03 Jul 05

Firefox Netscape based, it’s light tuned version

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