which broadband isp?

  dazzling 16:29 07 Jan 04

i will be getting broadband very shortly i just wondered what peoples thoughts and reccomendations where.i dont neseceraly want the cheapest good service will be taken into account too. darren

  djwheeler 16:35 07 Jan 04

Try this site:

click here

Should tell you all you need to know.

I use and so do many other's, more pricey, but a brilliant speed, customer server and no problems!

click here

look on click here for info on most ISP's

  choffe 16:39 07 Jan 04

hi, i got telewest broadband, but as like NTL it aint available everywhere. i tried bt broadband and was pleasantly supprised,
the only problem with bt broadband is that it depends on how close to the bt exchange you are for quality.
other adsl broadbands will be the same as this..
as for service and quality, i have heard some great things about Tiscali including their entrance price for broadband, which is £15, and gives you a speed approx 3 times faster than dial up for that price,tiscali broadband ranges up to the 512k service for the same price as most of the others..
so you get to lower the service on low useage times like summer and holiday periods and keep the bill payers happy.

  anchor 16:40 07 Jan 04

I have no complaints with Pipex. Speed is good, problems rare, and when the occur quickly resolved. As a bonus, they are also cheaper.

  Djohn 16:53 07 Jan 04

I also use Zen and find the speed and reliability excellent. The change to them from my previous Broadband ISP was like going from dial-up to broadband.

They are one of the smaller companies, dealing mainly with business customers, they have an excellent reputation and I have not yet been able to find a bad word against them.

3 to 5 days from signing with them, you will be on-line and no looking back. :o)

  MichelleC 17:07 07 Jan 04

I've used Pipex, Plusnet and Datanet. Now I use Metronet click here. You only pay for upload/download and not a mthly charge. My Dec bill was highest yet at £14.

  Chegs ® 17:13 07 Jan 04

I used Pipex,got crap speeds,regular downtime,no response to emails.Gave up on them and changed to Eclipse Networking,get immediate response to queries,great speeds(even at peak times)Not as cheap as Pipex,but I also get unlimited webspace,unlimited email size,etc.They even talked me thru howto create webpages and uploads to the server.

  byfordr 17:13 07 Jan 04

click here do a 2mb for £37.50 (half price activation at the moment.

  dazzling 18:54 07 Jan 04

thanks guys.

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