which braodband

  daisy2bell 20:50 18 May 05

I am thinkung of canceling my aol broadband, and switching to a new broadband supplier.
Which other ones are worth considering

  Technotiger 20:52 18 May 05

Hi, I am on BT BB, which I am very happy with. I have two friends who recently started BB with Tiscali, they are also happy with theirs.

Cheers - Good luck.

  Jackcoms 20:54 18 May 05


  Pooke100 20:57 18 May 05

I have had terrific service of ntl.

  God Doesn't Play Dice 20:59 18 May 05

Another good supplier is blueyonder. If you want broadband then the 512kbps comes in at about 15 pounds which i think is very reasonable. You can still download things and its still alot faster than dial-up.

  Taw® 20:59 18 May 05

Been with Pipex for over 3 years and would sell them that much you'd think I worked for them.

  Djohn 21:11 18 May 05

Zen without a doubt. I've been with them for 18 months on 512 k service no problems at all. Phoned them last Mon at lunchtime to upgrade to 2 Mb service and it was upgraded by 12 noon the following day. speed test showed 1800 mbps, phoned zen to see if that was correct, they said they would expect to see 1840 as a minimum and contacted BT on my behalf.

Next day I was getting 1900 to 1939 every test. Simply the best ISP there is, no capping no restrictions whatsoever but not cheap at £35 per month for 2 Mb. but then again, you get what you pay for. They are absolutely first rate. :o)

  woodchip 21:14 18 May 05

Yep as above I have just started on BB with a 512kb BT/NTL Freedom Connectition £24.99 a month with free anytime Local National 01,02 numbers free. No Cap for BB

  gabriella 22:44 18 May 05


I'm with Pipex and never had a problem!!

Check the ADSL site out - loads of helpful information!

Gabriella x

  harps1h 23:19 18 May 05

i used top be on pipex but i switched to talktalk for 19.99 512 download + free calls evenings and all weekends

  daisy2bell 20:41 19 May 05

Thanks guys, I'll wait for a few more replys before making a decision.
Aol recently upgraded to double the speed at no extra charge, BUT as far as I can tell there is NO diference, actualy rather on the slow side.

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