Which is better, Avast! 4.5 or AntiVir?

  big_papa_boogaloo 18:54 10 Jan 05

i am currently using AntiVir, was recomended from my uncle in gremany, but have recently seen Avast! 4.5, is this better than AntiVir, beacause it is a bit bland, uses a dos screen to prompt you that you have a virus.
does Avast! use a windows based environment?
is it better than AntiVir?

  MIke 19:00 10 Jan 05

I've just installed avast, previously used EZ antivirus (paid for updates). It does alert you to a virus with a notification window just above task bar, and gives you the option of p[utting it in the chest out of harms way. From there you can delete it. It's not the easiest piece of software to configure. Lots of difeerent windows accessible fronm the icon in the system tray. It does however update itself, and seems pretty easy to use, once set up. You'll need to read the help files to get the most from it. I'm sure more experienced users will be able to9 teach us both a bit more about this program, but it seems OK to me.
I've turned off the sounds though, as you get an irritating American accent that tells you when an update has been received or if a virus has been caught!

  Cook2 19:29 10 Jan 05

Avast! fan here too.

Just download and forget as it will auto update it's virus database.

If you want the Program to auto update then go into Settings - Update (Basic) and tick Automatic.

Then sit back and forget.

  Buchan 35 20:19 10 Jan 05

Avast! 4.5 is good, But as a backup Iv`e also got AVG 7. It`s worth a go

  russmini 20:26 10 Jan 05

I run AVG7 and all good and easy here, has to be simple for me to use it. click here

  Hairy Yeti 20:47 10 Jan 05

AVG 7 for me

  Belatucadrus 20:59 10 Jan 05

Better update system.
Better e mail scan.
Technical support from supplier.
Better pass rate with virus bulletin.

avast wins.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:03 10 Jan 05

It really does not matter so long as you have an AV....I use AVG as do nearly 90 people on my mailing list.


  Buchan 35 23:03 10 Jan 05

Agree with Belatucadrus, Avast wins

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