Which is better, AMD or Intel?

  Spark Up 15:37 06 Feb 03

Just one question really. Which is better, AMD or Intel?

  powerless 15:39 06 Feb 03
  fsssh 16:01 06 Feb 03

exactly - over 170000 hits! depends what your after really, i'm sure if you sift through that lot you will find your answer. i have always bought intel as a trusted brand, but my new machine is an AMD and i'm more than happy with it mostly cos its 200 quid cheaper than my mates otherwise same spec computer and runs faster! (for what we do with it anyway - games, imaging programs, seti@home - a very good benchmark!)

  Squall 16:12 06 Feb 03

This question must have been asked a millon times on this formum alone.

I don't really think that there is a definite answer, its down to personal preference, what you want from your system and what criteria you base the comparrision on.

That all said, my own vote would go for AMD.

  Ç̧ÇØ 16:17 06 Feb 03

amd is probably better for games but needs much bigger cooling fan so tends to be noiser .

  STEVE71163 16:29 06 Feb 03

I own both types of machine and find them both as good as each other. Its like asking whats the better car BMW or Merc and its all down to personal preference.

  pj123 17:31 06 Feb 03

You got in before me. I was going to suggest an Audi and VW. they both get you from A to B. It is definitely down to personal preference.

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