Which antivirus to choose?

  ykzn 03:12 21 Jul 10

I am planning to use Windows 7 as my OS for my desktop. But unfortunately, I cannot have my own internet connection at home. So, what I want to ask is: "Which antivirus program should I choose, that is fully compatible with Windows 7 and that can be updated manually by downloading the necessary updates?"

Each and every suggestion is welcome. Thanks!

  Strawballs 03:57 21 Jul 10

Do you want a free one or a paid for internet suit which has anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware etc?

  ykzn 04:38 21 Jul 10

Dear Strawballs, please do suggest me both for 'free' ones and 'paid' ones. Thanks!

  wiz-king 06:28 21 Jul 10

If you do not connect to the internet you do not need any anti-virus. However any internet connection or the use of external media would leave you vunerable.

  mooly 07:32 21 Jul 10

Without a doubt I would choose MSE,
click here

It's free, it's very good, and integrates perfectly with Windows.

click here

  tullie 08:30 21 Jul 10

You dont really want one where you have too update manually,its too easy to forget.I think they all update auto anyway.

  Strawballs 08:35 21 Jul 10

Free AVG or Avast paid for Norton 360 in past I would have said steer clear of Norton but since taking part in Beta test of 360 I now use it they have really got their act together.

  john bunyan 09:18 21 Jul 10

I use Avira; many like MS Security Essentials or Avast

  robin_x 09:33 21 Jul 10

Avira for last two years.

Make sure your UAC (User Access Control) is on max.

When you have your new W7 PC, backup with 3 DVDs, then start deleting factory rubbish.

Set your wallpaper and/or screensaver and power settings.
Then make a System Image.
Use Windows Backup&Restore (Create System Image) or EASEUS ToDo Backup or Acronis

Have fun with W7. I love it.
Plenty of tips and tricks in many forums.

Just google w7 tips

  robin_x 09:40 21 Jul 10

My faves....

click here


click here


click here


Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe

See thewindowsclub.com

  Belatucadrus 09:57 21 Jul 10

avast! click here
AVG click here
Avira click here
All offer free for home use anti virus and host fresh signature files you can use for manual updates. But the updates are pretty big files and will need a USB key to transport.
Of the three I favour avast!

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