Which anti-virus solution are you all using?

  LastChip 10 Oct 12

Many of the regulars here will know I am a huge Linux fan and hence have strayed away from Windows world for a number of years. So one could say, I'm out of touch!

However, my son's girlfriend has just bought a Windows 7 laptop for University and has asked me to install anti-virus software for her. Needless to say, as a student she's broke and so I need a free option.

So my question is, what are you all using now, that has a reasonable footprint (i.e. not a huge performance hit and bloated) and you find generally effective?

  woodchip 10 Oct 12

Free Avast on all mine XP home, except and old Win98se dual boot with XP home So that runs Avast plus Achilles Shield on 98se

  VCR97 10 Oct 12

Microsoft Security Essentials is free and is supposed to be good. Have a look for it on Google.

  kad60 10 Oct 12

Winpatrol FREE...i use paid version but used this for a year and very impressed,informs you of changes made to your system and informs you and protects.

  john bunyan 10 Oct 12

Free Avira, for a few years with no probs

  hastelloy 10 Oct 12

IMHO for W7 Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows Firewall plus Malwarebytes and/or Superantispyware is all that's needed - hardly know it's there but never had a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Oct 12

Avast AV

WIndows defender - realtime antispy Malwarebytes - weekly scan for malware Spywareblaster - spyware blocker

Haven't seen a porblem for years with this combination

ocasional scan with Hitman pro + Super antispyware just to check others doing the job

However whatever AV you use you need commonsense when browsing to back them up ;0)

  Nontek 10 Oct 12

-ditto- marvin42

  Nontek 10 Oct 12


Win Patrol is not a anti-virus program.

  Belatucadrus 10 Oct 12

avast! on the desktop and Outpost suite on the laptop. I'm thinking of trying out Roboscan or Un-Threat, both new but have been tested by VirusBulletin and got passes on their VB100.

  Forum Editor 10 Oct 12

Good old AVG - the free version - is the only anti-virus product currently installed on all my computers. I've used it for years, and haven't had any problems with viruses for as long as I can remember.


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