which anti-spyware

  brigtoo 15:18 22 Dec 09

the question is , malwarebytes pro or superantispyware pro or both, if its ok to run both together

  User-1229748 15:19 22 Dec 09

it is ok to have both installed and they are probably the 2 that most would recommend as free scanners go.

  rawprawn 15:22 22 Dec 09

You cannot run both of these together, they both have real time protection and there is a conflict.
Use Superantispyware Pro and Malwarebytes free version would be my suggestion.

  brigtoo 15:25 22 Dec 09

thanks for advice. am going with rawprawns suggestion. thanks again

  User-1229748 15:26 22 Dec 09

sorry just noticed you meant the pro versions :o(

  birdface 15:53 22 Dec 09

You can run both together.Malwarebytes only has full time protection on the pay for Version.

rawprawn uses the pay for version of Malwarebytes and that is why he is getting a bit mixed up.

  birdface 15:57 22 Dec 09

And like smackheadz I have also just noticed the pro bit at the end.So it would be safe to run the free version of Malwarebytes .
Malwarebytes with any one of the Following.A Squared or Superantispyware.Remember to add Spywareblaster and WOT.

  Sea Urchin 16:45 22 Dec 09

rawprawn was not getting muddled - brigtoo asked about the Pro versions of both SAS and MBAM (both paid-for) and both having real time protection. So you should not run both together - but one paid-for and one free will be OK. Doesn't matter which.

  birdface 20:29 22 Dec 09

Yes sorry rawprawn obviously you were more alert than myself.
Sorry for the mix up.

  brigtoo 20:30 22 Dec 09

what about superantispyware pro with A2 anti-malware. both these have real time protection, will they cause a conflict?

  User-1229748 21:05 22 Dec 09

i presume they will conflict yes :o(

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