Which AMD 64 Chipset / Motherboard?

  Rodders06 21:14 16 Sep 04

I am thinking of building an AMD 64 system, and would welcome any help & advice on which is the best chipset for this system. I know of NVIDA 3 is one such system. Also should I aim for a fsb of 1600 mhz? I have seen some run at 800Mhz

I also know ASUS motherboards are good, but are they the best for this processor?

Cheers, any help much appreciated


  jimv7 00:01 17 Sep 04

I have just got the msi k8t neo (754 pins) and the 3400 64bit amd, the board is great it has 3 x sata connections, 3 x ide connections, firewire, 6 usb2 ports.

I am well pleased with it.

  Rodders06 09:16 18 Sep 04

Thanks Jim, I will have a look at that. Sounds ok.
What I am after though, is some info / comparison of the dufferent chipsets avalable for this processor,EG VIA, NIVDIA, SiS etc.

But thanks again for the info


  Rayuk 10:27 18 Sep 04

click here
May give you an insight

  Rayuk 10:28 18 Sep 04

click here
May give you an insight

  igk 11:49 18 Sep 04

Rod, Just a word of caution here,if you are going to use a 64Bit cpu don't put xp SP2 on yet (untill there is a fix)as it is incompatible with these cpu's (as many new Mesh customers have found out!)

  Bowsprit 14:07 18 Sep 04

I am building a new computer at the moment and new technology dictates that I use a 64 bit processor even though no mainstream 64 bit applications have been officially released.
The 64 bit processor is backwards compatible with 32 bit applications and appears to run them a lot faster so they are worth buying instead of an Athlon FX cpu which will be for the chop eventually.

It seems the 64 bit socket 754 motherboards will eventually serve the lower end (cheaper) of the market when the Athlon FX’s are phased out.Because of the processor the socket 754 motherboards can only deliver single channel memory so they do not appear to be worth buying as there is talk of even them being phased out eventually but who knows if this is true.

The socket 939 motherboard can take the more expensive 64 and 64 FX processors which have dual channel memory controllers etc. and so give a better overall performance and looks like being the main AMD 64 board for the foreseeable future

They say the socket 940 motherboard will be used mainly for servers.

Another thing to consider is the motherboard chipset as some manufacturers use the Via K8T800 (Asus) and others the Nvidia nforce 3 (Gigabyte) for instance.I am having difficulty deciding which to go for.Both use normal DDR PC3200 memory.

I picked this info up while searching for components and some of it is just hearsay and other peoples opinions and therefore if any of the resident experts disagree they should contact them and not bother shooting me down in flames. This should make it slightly clearer and give you an idea of what to stay clear of.

  igk 20:34 18 Sep 04

So who in this thread is "shooting you down in flames"?? the info you have shared is very comprehensive and a great help,Thanks.

  son-of-a-gun 20:51 18 Sep 04

I use the MSI K8Neo great board take a look on the link to the MSI forum you should get all the info you need, I had major problems with Asus 4 boards same problem, fortunately under warranty the final solution to this problem was an MSI board.
click here

  Rodders06 11:56 19 Sep 04

Many thanks for you kind information. I have not responded individualy with e-mails, since this forum requests that I dont do that.
You info, together with the links you provided, have give me plenty to look at.
It seems that motherboards that support socket 939 would be the best choice.
I have, like Bowspirit says, to decide on which chipset to go for. I will have to do some digging on this one!

Cheers, and good luck to all those building!

Rod (TV Engineer)

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