Which 19" monitor - crt or tft?

  meldme 22:42 22 Jan 05

Hi, I can't decide whether to go for a 19" crt or tft monitor, budget at just under £300.
I've been looking at an LG 1915s TFT and a
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro CRT. Does anyone know anything about these monitors to help me decide. AAARRGGHHHH!

  sdf 22:45 22 Jan 05

I would say it greatly depends on what you primarily want to use the screen for! gaming/office work etc

  meldme 22:47 22 Jan 05

Hi, primarily for gaming, I'm upgrading the whole PC soon.

  AndySD 22:58 22 Jan 05

Go for the crt

  meldme 23:03 22 Jan 05

I read conflicting views on the subject. The internet ain't much help either, can't find a review on the LG I'm looking at, but the Mitsubishi looks pretty good.

  AndySD 23:12 22 Jan 05

You will get many opinions on this...but for gaming my advice is still the crt.

  Starfox 23:12 22 Jan 05

Have a look at click here

Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money I should stick with CRT.

  Totally-braindead 23:19 22 Jan 05

I've gone from an aging 19" CRT to a 17" TFT and theres very little size difference between them, about half an inch! I don't know which one you should go for either, personally I like my TFT but the Mitsubishi is a cracking monitor. Had a look for a review on the LG and couldn't find one either, I presume its too new?

  meldme 23:23 22 Jan 05

I'd probably have to see them both running. The LG 1915s, so I've heard, is good for gaming, with a response rate of 12 ms, but sounding good on paper doesn't mean anything. Has anyone used this monitor for gaming, or indeed the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro? Please let me know.

  meldme 23:31 22 Jan 05

Hi, Totally-braindead, if you're still there, what TFT do you have and how is it with games?

  Charence 00:46 23 Jan 05

Usually with larger TFT screens 25ms is expected and is OK. Preferably go for something around 16ms. If you can afford the 19" TFT I would recommend you get one instead of CRT. Why? Saves desk space, less eye strain and a 19" TFT is bigger than a 19" CRT because it doesn't curve. Also you don't have to constantly readjust your screen on TFTs, on CRTs, everytime the computer wakes from power save mode, your screen size will normally change; on TFTs this doesn't happen, I don't know why but on the TFTs I've used it doesn't happen.


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