Where's the "Tick"?

  wotbus@ 19:32 10 Jan 07

WinXP. The closest thing to a Tick I can find in all my fonts, is a square root sign? Is there a tick anywhere? Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 10 Jan 07

Tick marks in Unicode

Unicode provides various related symbols, including:
Symbol Unicode Codepoint (Hex) Name
? U+2713 CHECK MARK (tick)
? U+2714 HEAVY CHECK MARK (bold tick)
? U+2717 BALLOT X (cross)
? U+2718 HEAVY BALLOT X (bold cross)
? U+2610 BALLOT BOX (square)
? U+2611 BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK (square with tick)
? U+2612 BALLOT BOX WITH X (square with cross)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:41 10 Jan 07

How to get a tick symbol in Word or Excel

HOLD ALT key and type '0252' on numeric keypad.
Change Font to 'Wingdings'

  wotbus@ 19:44 10 Jan 07

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\. Much obliged as always ;-)

  SANTOS7 19:44 10 Jan 07

click here
wingdings, 4th from bottom...

  wotbus@ 19:54 10 Jan 07

Last question I hope! I change the font and tick the box. Go the next box to place a tick and the font has changed back to what it was before [defaulted]. Is there a way to maintain the selected font [Wingdings] until finished with?

  SANTOS7 19:56 10 Jan 07

Probably not , if you default to wingdings thats all your gonna get, symbols...

  wotbus@ 20:06 10 Jan 07

What I would like to do is put a tick in several boxes which are spaced about a template - just default to Wingdings until I have finished Ticking, which is almost my physical and mental condition at the moment....

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