Where's the S video pin on Panasonic's Camcorder?

  mad-friend 19:30 10 Oct 05

Please can anyone tell me - who has a Panasonic Camcorder- if they have found the S video socket/link? Jessops tell me there isn't one on the Panasonic GS75 model yet all the info I've read shows there should be one. I want to record straight of tape onto DVD and my DVD has no firewire, so I want a good camcorder that has S video.

  sattman 19:53 10 Oct 05

I am not sure where it will be on your camcorder, I have the NV-DS38 where it is hidden behind a pull open rubber style case cover on the right hand side as you would use the camera just behind the lens. it is fairly well disguised.

This cover protects 6 utilities, Edit, D.Still
picture, AV In/Out Phones, S-Video In/Out, Mic, and DV.

  mad-friend 08:52 11 Oct 05

thankyou Sattman for replying. I haven't bought the GS75 because the salesman told me that model didn't have S video link/socket. I'm not computer literate and everyone I've spoken to has told me it is really hard to edit videos through a computer. Hence the reason for wanting to record straight onto disc.

  IPA 14:22 11 Oct 05

click here .Is this the one?

  mad-friend 10:55 12 Oct 05

Thankyou IPA for replying to my enquiry, yes it is the one. I've checked it out and it does say it has the S video link (out). I'd best see that saleman again and find out why he can't locate it.

  sattman 11:09 12 Oct 05

I am by know way an expert on this but I recall when I was looking for a camera the ideal option for full editing was to have both DV in and DV out.

  Fellsider 14:17 12 Oct 05

Why not e-mail Panasonic and ask them?

  mad-friend 14:34 12 Oct 05

Hi to sattman and Fellsider.
The NV-GS75 camcorder model has both DV in and DV out, also ilink. I would be able to use all these at some future point when I update my 10 month old Phillip DVD recorder or learn enough to be able to edit via my PC. But for now my best option is to have the S video 5 pin link to use with my DVD.

I have used IPA's link and contacted Panasonic. I am awaiting a reply. I have also contacted an indepentdant supplier - Internetdirect - for confirmation about the S link facility and am awaiting a reply to that too.
Thankyou both of you for helping me, its much appreciated.

  DieSse 15:40 12 Oct 05

I downloaded a pdf of the manual - unfortunately in Czeck or similar - but the manual showed where the S-VHS connector was - which I would have thought was easy to find if you also have the camera in front of you.

  DieSse 15:41 12 Oct 05

PS - It's an Output only - not an Input.

  mad-friend 18:27 12 Oct 05

Hi DieSse,
I linked onto the site IPA gave me and downloaded the specs sheet for the NV-GS75, which shows it has S video out. As the salesman in Jessops couldn't locate the 5 pin on the camcorder I have to assume a cable with ilink would link to the S video in my DVD. It is only a guess and until Panasonic and the Internetdirect company reply to my query I won't know for certain.
Thanks though for replying to my question, DieSse.

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