Where's Normal.dot in Windows XP?

  Oddjob 11:32 02 May 03

I've done all sorts of searches, I've trawled through Windows Explorer, changed all the viewing settings, but I still can't find normal.dot in Windows XP. I know it's there, because I was asked if I wanted to save the changes to it. I'm using Office 2000 Pro on Windows XP Pro. Can anyone help track it down?


  VoG™ 11:36 02 May 03

I can't remember and I'm not on an XP machine at the moment.

In Search, make sure you include hidden and system files.

  -pops- 12:07 02 May 03

Normal dot is a function of M$ Word, not Windows

  Peter E 12:18 02 May 03

I'm not on my home machine at the moment (Win XP, Office 2000), I'm at work. But if I remember correctly, it's in C:\Program files\microsoft office\templates.

In anycase, as VoG™ says, Win XP's search facility should find it.


  Big Elf 12:18 02 May 03

It's in c:\documents and settings\youruserloginname\application data\microsoft\templates

When you search for it select 'More Advanced Options' and tick 'Search System Folders', 'Search Hidden Files' and Folders and 'Search Subfolders'.

  Oddjob 12:23 02 May 03

Thanks VoG! I automatically assumed the search looked at every file as in Win 98 & ME by default.

For anyone else who's interested, normal.dot is in c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Useful to know if you need to delete the file if it gets corrupted.

  VoG™ 13:51 02 May 03

I realise you're sorted but it took a heck of a time to find this so I'm determined to post this! click here

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