Where's my hard drive space gone?

  jimmylove 10:28 11 May 07

I have a new Sony Vaio TX5 laptop. I deleted the recovery partition giving me 93GB free from a 100GB installed hard drive.
I'm running Vista business.
Looking at the C drive there is 63GB free. 7GB are used by Windows, 4 by progamme files, and 4 by 'users'. Where is remaining 7-odd GB hiding?

Is there any way to free up space, delete any windowns files that aren't necessary etc?

I've installed the bare minimum of programmes and have no music and a few MB of photos, nothing else (promise).

How could this eat up 30GB of space??

Answers on a postcard please.


  cocteau48 12:36 11 May 07

There is a very handy little prog called Treesize which you can download free from:
click here
which will give you a breakdown of what is on your hard drive either as bytes allocated or as a percentage.
Might be worth a look

  setecio 13:01 11 May 07

You haven't lost any space. You've just been mis-sold, as we all are, the definition of Kilo/Mega/Giga where drive manufacturers use 1000*1000*1000 and the true space is calculated using 1024*1024*1024.

So a drive sold as 100GB is actually in true mesurement (1000*1000*1000/1024*1024*1024)*100, which I think you'll find is about 93 true GB.

  setecio 13:02 11 May 07

Oops, you seem to be missing alot more (I must read the post poperly)

  beeuuem 13:09 11 May 07

System restore, if running, can take up to 12% of your disk space and won't show up normally.
If you try Treesize System Restore is shown as [Files] in the C root directory.

  jimmylove 13:47 11 May 07

thanks for the info. how can i alter the amount of space used by system restore?

  cocteau48 14:02 11 May 07

Do not know if this applies to Vista but:
Go to "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", "System", "System Restore" tab, for each drive partition highlight it then select "Settings", under "Drive Space Usage" adjust the slider so System Restore is only using roughly 5% or a minimum of 1000 MB of disk space per partition and select "OK".

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