Wheres my calculator

  Jonah1000 19:12 24 Nov 03

Can't find the calculator on my pc, where has it gone?

  expertec 19:14 24 Nov 03

Go to Start > Run and type in calc

  Gaz 25 19:15 24 Nov 03

Quick way:

You can go to start > run > Type the following without the quotes: "calc"

This will ensure there is Calcuator on your PC.

If not you need a copy of calc.exe

Then you could just create a shortcut to calc.exe if it is on your system.

  Pesala 19:17 24 Nov 03

Calc.exe should be in C:\windows

Try Add/Remove, Windows Setup, Accessories

Start Menu, Run, Calc.exe

or Start Menu, Search, calc.exe

The file might have got moved by mistake, or uninstalled.

  Jester2K II 19:20 24 Nov 03

Has it slipped off the top of the monitor?? ;-))

If not then the above should help.

  Jonah1000 19:21 24 Nov 03


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