Where is TICK symbol in WORD?

  amyfleur 07 Mar 08

Anyone know where to find the TICK symbol to insert into a chart in WORD? A shortcut would be even better.

nb. I have, of course, looked through all the symbols a couple of times but am I missing it?


  Forum Editor 07 Mar 08

in Wingdings - it's number 252 in Word 2007

  amyfleur 07 Mar 08

Uh oh, I have 2000 pro.

  Totally-braindead 07 Mar 08

Open Word goto INSERT then SYMBOL and look for it. It will be there and you'll probably find theres a few versions.

  Peter 08 Mar 08


As the Forum Editor mentioned it's in Wingdings character 252. If you insert a symbol, select Wingdings as the font and find character 252 the tick will be inserted into your document. Alternatively if you press and hold the left ALT key and tap in 0252 (zero two five two) on the numeric key pad and then release the left ALT key a ü will appear in your document. Hi-light it a select the Windings font and you should have your tick.


  amyfleur 08 Mar 08

Thanks all. Peter, thanks for being specific, just what I needed. I'm a bit of an airhead at times!

  wee eddie 08 Mar 08

I didn't know either ~ Thank you for asking.

I wonder if there is something similar in Excel?

  Clapton is God 08 Mar 08

"I wonder if there is something similar in Excel?"

Yes - it's exactly the same process

  VoG II 08 Mar 08

In Excel you can also add a CheckBox from the Forms toolbar.

  wee eddie 08 Mar 08

Haven't needed it recently but I'm setting up a new Spread Sheet for a Newcomers Curling Club I'm launching next season. I reckon that it'll be easier to use than a database

  David4637 30 Apr 09

I have a laptop and pressing ALT + 0252 does not produce anything in Word 2000? If I also press FN and the above keys nothing appears? Any ideas? Thanks David


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