Where should I go???

  golfpro 16:56 07 Apr 05

I need advice. The capacity on my old computer (40gb) is getting near the end now that I have a digital SLR Camera. However I have in the last year upgraded to 512mb RAM and USB2 connection etc. etc. and its working fine.
The only thing I need now is a new 17" monitor (I think I have already decided on this, (Acer AL 1715 MS). My problem is do I buy a completely new set up with all the problems, or just go with the monitor and an outboard 160gb hard drive. I can have this for 300 Euros, were as a new computer would cost approx. 8 to 900 Euros (I live in Austria).
If anyone has been through this, I would appreciate your help.

  Kate B 17:04 07 Apr 05

If everything else is fine then I would stick with the idea of buying a new monitor and perhaps buying an external hard drive to use for data if you don't fancy digging about installing a new drive in the case. I've got a Maxtor OneTouch 120GB hard drive that sits neatly on my desk. I use it for backup but you could easily store all your data on it and just keep the internal drive for system files.

  Diemmess 17:06 07 Apr 05

You seem to have considered the pros and cons. I would go for an external HD and use it exclusively for data unless you buy a whopper and
keep an image of C: there as well.

Eventually.......... you will want to start from scratch, but if you already have a good external HD and a new monitor that will mean just a new "box."

  Charence 17:39 07 Apr 05

If you are happy with your current computer (perfomance, settings, etc.). I think it will be a lot easier/cheaper/time saving to just buy a monitor and additional HDD.

  golfpro 18:58 07 Apr 05

Thanks a lot guys and gal, I had to make a decision soon, and I will go for the ex HD and new monitor, it will save a lot of problems and give me what I want for the next few years. Now who wants a good 15" Philips TIF monitor cheap.........

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