Where is PCA Mag?

  SafeHaven 11:38 30 May 03

Ok whats going on at the news stands and shops? I get my PCA deliverd however my brother wanted a copy, hmmm his local news agent had none,I went to my local newsagents they had 1 burried in the back of all the NEW mags thats flooding the Market,is this just in Yorkshire where I live or anyone else having problems, the hunt is on for PCA mag.

  powerless 19:06 30 May 03

Lots in at WH Smiths ;-)

  Terrahawk 19:51 30 May 03

plenty in my neck of the woods

  pj123 19:58 30 May 03

Subscribe, like me. You then get it through your door before anyone else. Don't have to go looking for it.

  Andsome 20:01 30 May 03

It's cheaper by subscription

  Andsome 20:02 30 May 03

It's cheaper by subscription

  Andsome 20:03 30 May 03

The dreaded error sign again tonight followed by double posting.

  pj123 22:30 30 May 03


  SafeHaven 22:40 30 May 03

I do get mine by subscription however it's annoying when u advise people to get the mag and non there, I checked 3 other shops today and they had none in(I was in those shops anyway) I'll take a look next month and see what happens if uts the same i'll ask PCA to look into it after all we want the public to have a choice and not the junk mags that are around.

  sgtdibble 22:45 30 May 03

mine is delivered by newsagent and it came this
morning as usual

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