Where I can get a PCI Parallel Port?

  Ironman556 13 Feb 04

Hi, I know it's a little outdated, but I'm after a PCI parallel port, compatible with Win XP. I've been round the local PC shops, and they either don't have anything at all, or have them at £30 or more. The only places online I've found them is on ebay at £22.50 inc p&p or a DABS value at £12.26 inc p&p. I'm always wary of value products, are they likely to be ok I don't see what can go wrong with a parallel port? Does anyone have any other suggestions for places to buy?

  hugh-265156 14 Feb 04

click here may be useful.

for pci card try click here

  Ironman556 14 Feb 04

Hand't thought about an adapter, found one on the first link for under £15 inc vat & p&p so that could be the way to go.

I maybe should have said I was after a PCI to replace the ISA that Win XP refuses to get on with.

I've just found out there's a PC fair near me on Sunday so I'll have a look there if I get a chance to.

(Just out of interest can anyone tell me why ISA cards tend not to work with XP when they're fully supported by 98? Is it just a case of trying to cut down on almost obsolete drivers?)

  Megatyte 14 Feb 04

Dual port on offer at Maplin at the moment (£19.98 inc VAT, plus delivery)

click here


  Megatyte 14 Feb 04

Link didn't quite work. Go to ..

click here

and on the left, click computers, components.


  Ironman556 14 Feb 04

Thanks, I have a maplins locally may check instore to see if they have one in.

  Ironman556 24 Feb 04

Got the one from ebay eventually. All works great excpet the scanner drivers (not the port drivers) crash the pc... fix one problem and make another!


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