Where have the Trees come from?

  Nontek 17:04 PM 14 Jun 13

On all my PCA forum pages I am suddenly getting a line of tree-tops across the page. I find them most off-putting, is everyone else getting this strange effect??

  Nontek 17:06 PM 14 Jun 13

[forgot link .. ]1

  john bunyan 17:15 PM 14 Jun 13

No trees for me! Maybe one of my blockers gives them a trim.

  Ian in Northampton 17:26 PM 14 Jun 13

Ah, 'The Garden of Jane Delawney' and 'On the Shore'. Great albums...

Oops, sorry - wrong forum...

  Nontek 17:34 PM 14 Jun 13

Veerrry Strange ......... Hmm, they have just disappeared as quickly as they came!!

  Chronos the 2nd 18:26 PM 14 Jun 13

Maybe PCA are branching out, boom boom.

  Nontek 19:03 PM 14 Jun 13

If I had not taken the screen-shot (my link above), I would now be doubting myself and thinking that I had only imagined it! But twigged that the unmistakeable evidence is there :-))

  rdave13 19:18 PM 14 Jun 13

Nontek , your link, which I have to click on the blue "1" makes McAfee site advisor very nervous.

  rdave13 19:29 PM 14 Jun 13

Went there anyway and found your heading different to mine.link

  Nontek 19:36 PM 14 Jun 13

Strangerer and strangerer, I did think of possible (though extremely rare in my case) nasty activity. But nothing found by MBAM Pro and MSE.

When I click on my link, I still see the trees!

  rdave13 19:42 PM 14 Jun 13

So do I Nontek but I didn't see the red banner on your link with PC Advisor in white letters. Could be an over zealous add blocker.


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