Where has my memory gone?

  bowl 00:08 27 Jun 05

Hi I have just run a trial copy of PC BOOSTER V4
and according to one of the results I have total mem 255mb available mem 74mb going down to 42mb when I logged onto here to ask the question with no other progs running where has my memory gone my system is 98se hope someone can answer this for me thanks in advance

  ACOLYTE 00:32 27 Jun 05

You can check your ram usage by typing MEM in the run box that should tell you whats using it.But 256Mb isnt a lot and windows will use most of that when it boots.

  bowl 16:55 27 Jun 05


  bowl 21:26 27 Jun 05


Will do that I didn't realise windows 98se took so much memory

  bowl 20:56 28 Jun 05


  jimv7 21:02 28 Jun 05

I vaguely remember setting 'max cache=32mb in win 98, which will free up memory as win98 will not hog it all, maybe someone else will know where and the exact commands.

  bowl 21:37 28 Jun 05

Thanks jimv7 lets hope so or I will have to get more memory or a new setup altogether


  User-312386 23:26 28 Jun 05

If you have onboard Graphics then this will swallow some of the memory

  DieSse 00:26 29 Jun 05

All recent Windows versions dynamically allocate RAM useage, based on several factors - one of which is how much real RAM there actually is.

So you are likely to find a 256Mb system with a similar % RAM useage as 128Mb system - Windows simply taking greater advantage of more RAM (up to a point)

So it's not as simple as it looks.

It's also the case that the more programs you want to run, and the size of them, the more RAM is beneficial - and that later Windows versions benefit more from extra RAM than earlier ones.

In "normal" use you will probably find that Win98se won't benefit tremendously from having more than 256Mb - and WinXP won't benefit much from more than 512Mb (I run WinXP Pro with 512Mb - and I have to say, on the odd occasion that I've run it with 256Mb - it didn't seem much different unless I tried to do sevearl lage tasks at the same time)

Games, Video editing, and the like, are RAM hogs, and would benefit from more RAM - say 1Gb.

But the results from programs like "PC-Booster", have to be interpreted carefully is the real point I am trying to make.

  bowl 23:51 29 Jun 05

Thanks to everyone for your help it would appear that for some actions I need more memory I only tested it because a message came up saying I was short of memory with very little running. Will tick it now


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