where to get FREE software to make pretty photo frames

  Biddie36 16:51 PM 19 Nov 11

Hi there can you help please? I lost a nice photo framing program in a crash, it included christmas frames and so on, Can anyone suggest where I might find something like it please?


  john bunyan 17:04 PM 19 Nov 11

Got this on a Google search. Looks good.


  gengiscant 17:05 PM 19 Nov 11
  john bunyan 17:06 PM 19 Nov 11

Try again>


  john bunyan 17:08 PM 19 Nov 11

For some reasom you have to copy and paste the whole link into the address bar; the first part in blue is not the part I found.

  gengiscant 17:12 PM 19 Nov 11
  rdave13 17:16 PM 19 Nov 11

There is this one but no Christmas ones there.

  rdave13 17:21 PM 19 Nov 11

Some free here.

  rdave13 17:23 PM 19 Nov 11

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