where to get drivers from?

  Gapper 00:28 12 Nov 06

i have recetly upgraded my hard drive due to major hardware failior but i have lost my utility cd for my motherboard could eny of you please give me a web site where i can download all driver's for my 760GXK8MC motherboard

  Gapper 00:46 12 Nov 06

ok i have downloaded how do i use that?

  Gapper 00:50 12 Nov 06

or shal i say these

  Gapper 01:08 12 Nov 06

my aim is just to get music playing in my itunes and when i start up itunes a error thingy pops up and says

itunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration Audio/Video playback may not operate propely

then when i click "ok" itunes pops up i double click on a song to play or just press play but does not evan show that it is trying to play sound lerer loan give out sound

  Bogbrain 01:32 12 Nov 06

Makes me laugh the reliance on gizzmos and when panic sets in when they pack up and go wrong.They get completely lost and all panicky.Even 'clever stuff' goes wrong and peoples expectations get shatterted.

  NewestRoyWidd1 01:46 12 Nov 06

Not a very helpful answer is it?There are far too many similar remarks in the forum lately.
The forum exists to help people with lesser knowledge when they get"completely lost and all panicky."
I have a non-iPod mp3 player,a "gizmo",and if I had any problems with it,I know I can ask for solutions in here.

  brundle 02:08 12 Nov 06

Gapper; Have you actually installed the drivers you downloaded?

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