Where do they go?

  Sheila-214876 17:42 04 Mar 04

Not a help problem, just an observation. There seems to be lots of threads, with lots of responses offering solutions but no feedback from the originator. What happens? Do they find the answer somewhere else or do they just forget and leave the thread open? They must get emails of responses, unless they take the tick out of: "By default you will be notified by email if someone responds to this discussion subject. If you do not want to receive email notification of new message posts, please uncheck the box."

  Gemma 17:54 04 Mar 04

Is it the old problem? The "thank you" or whatever goes in the message, the box gets ticked but the message isn't posted. I seem to remember this from a couple of months ago. You could try it by closing this thread.

  obbit 17:54 04 Mar 04

i noticed you have to post your last response then go back and tick resolved

  Sheila-214876 20:32 04 Mar 04

No, I am not thinking of "thanks" but some of these posts are over 2 weeks old and the originator has not made any further comments to - maybe - 8 or 9 responses. It just seems like post a help message and then don't bother to log in anymore. I don't want thanks particularly but it would be nice to know that some of us are putting forward solutions that might be helpful. You know like "I tried your suggestion but it didn't work" or "Will give it a try and post back" etc...

  hugh-265156 20:49 04 Mar 04

they may have found a solution to the problem elsewhere.i have loads of unresolved postings in my postings going back nearly a year or so.

im not fussed if they dont give any futher feedback or tick or dont tick etc.i just move on and try and help sombody else in the meantime.

  woodchip 20:51 04 Mar 04

Probably through the computer out the window's excuse the pun

  woodchip 20:53 04 Mar 04

"Throw" I knew I was a poor speller

  Gemma 12:52 12 Mar 04

Thread is still open. Did you forget?

  Sheila-214876 13:06 12 Mar 04

Gemma. Hi, no I haven't forgot. I check My Postings everyday to see if they are still relevant, or even possibly might prompt someone who has a solved problem that is still unticked to maybe tick it. But as that hasn't happened I will post this response and tick it now.

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