Where do posting times come from?

  concise 23:45 28 Nov 04

I notice that the times on some responses sometimes indicate a time that hasn't arrived yet. I.e. a recent response was timed at 22.58 and when I read it the time by my incredibly accurate radio controlled clock (£*.** from L***'s)was 22.55. Is it because these times are generated by the sender's P.C?

  ashdav 23:50 28 Nov 04

this is a long running joke in this forum. may I be the first to wish everybody a happy new year and can someone at PCA PLEASE sort this out so that valuable server capacity is not wasted on these threads. No offence meant to you concise.

  concise 00:00 29 Nov 04

No offense taken, possibly; but I asked the question because I wanted to know and still do. I notice that my question was given a time ca 10 mins before I sent it.

  ashdav 00:02 29 Nov 04

look at the time now. See what I mean. It's the clock on this site, no one else's.

  concise 00:04 29 Nov 04

Now it's affecting me for "10 mins before" read "50 mins after" - I think.

  ashdav 00:05 29 Nov 04

suggest you tick this as resolved as much "time" has already been spent on this subject. LOL

  Migwell 00:06 29 Nov 04

I am pleased that this country is not using the time as per the PCA clock, it would be getting dark at 2:30PM

  concise 00:08 29 Nov 04

Done but don't get too sensitive about it.

  ashdav 00:13 29 Nov 04

I smiled at your last post. No probs. Speak to you again perhaps. Nitey nite

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