where can you download hyperboot??????????????????

  Jwbjnwolf 19:44 06 Nov 10

where on earth do you download diskeeper hyperboot?
there are lots of sites that say download but there is no link to download it
even looking on the diskeeper website there seems to be nowhere, or is it one of these things that you annoyingly would need to pay for and if so, is there any free alternatives and what are they and where can I download them?
please can someone tell me as I get really impatant with it starting up and shuting down.
It is relativly quick but as it says welcome when logging on, the welcome word with the blue background is there for about 5 secs if not more, well a few secs after the logon sound.
it is xp home 32-bit

  MrNewName 19:49 06 Nov 10

The best way to ensure that your pc boots quickly is to reduce the number of programs starting up. There is a good guide if you click here

  tullie 20:05 06 Nov 10

HyperBoot is licensed directly to computer manufacturers for preinstallation on their computers.

  Jwbjnwolf 20:09 06 Nov 10

I know about all the things that windows has on offer
click here
i have plenty of experience with all of this and I have a programme called auslogics boostspeed which cleans and defrags your registry and hdds plus more but I would still like to know where I can download hyperboost as it says that what it does, is put everything all in order which makes it much faster to boot up and shut down, and i even watched a clip to show how much it fastens boot and shut down times.
all I want to know is where can I download it?

  Jwbjnwolf 20:11 06 Nov 10

ok tullie
but what alternatives are there?

  lotvic 21:37 06 Nov 10

wait 5 seconds?

  bremner 22:12 06 Nov 10

Do you appreciate how annoying all the ? are?

  lotvic 22:21 06 Nov 10

I only did one and it was a question ;-)

Don't know what jwarn's excuse is though.

  Forum Editor 23:58 06 Nov 10

if you click here

  tullie 04:46 07 Nov 10

Is life so short that you cant wait a minute or two whilst the computer boots?

  Jwbjnwolf 15:34 07 Nov 10

so I gueuss that there aint no other thing that does exactly what hyperboost does then
Ok, but what would be the minumum charge for upgrading my aspire one's ram from 1gb to 2gb?
would it be in the tens, hundreds or thosands?

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