where can i get image url's from my website?

  lonemascot 29 Oct 09

I am trying to use Ultimate Fade-in slideshow (v2.1) Author: Dynamic Drive (Found here click here)for the images on gallery page of my website. My website click here very basic i know.

In the script of the page design I have to source the image. I can't do this with files in my root folder for some reason so i have to source from a url.

All the pictures I want to use have been uploaded to my c-panel file manager via dreamweaver's ftp feature. In c-panel I can see a big list of all my pics but I don't know where to look for the image url's.

Ideas please?

  cycoze 30 Oct 09

Open you're site and right click the images and select "Properties", you will find there URL there.

  lonemascot 30 Oct 09

I knew how to do that.

Its the ones that are not on my website yet but are uploaded to my server that I can't right click because I can't see them.

I suppose I could just use the start of the URL and input the file name manually. By doing that it brings the pic up in a new window by it self even if its not on my website.

I just thought that there would be a more sophisticated and less labour intensive way of getting them through dreamweaver.

Thanks anyway.

  cycoze 31 Oct 09

If you store them in the same folder the url would be the same for all of them with just the file name being different.

For instance if you keep them in a folder named "images" (default name for most) would work out like the following...


In DW when making you're page and or slideshow, you should be able to select the image and have it linked automatically from the folder they are stored in, that folder would generally be in the root folder.

  jenniferrung 02 Nov 09

click here domin name/the folder name where you put image/your picture's name.jpg(gif...)


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