where can i get a decent free filesplitter?

  fsssh 22:29 16 Jan 03
  fsssh 22:29 16 Jan 03

i'm looking for a free filesplitter that works under XP home edition. most shareware ones dont seem to be able to handle anything over 3 or 4Mb, i need to split a 130MB file! does anyone know where i can get one? doesnt matter if its free or shareware as long as it works!

  Filch 23:07 16 Jan 03

In Google just type in Filesplitter and you will find something to suit you.

  Belatucadrus 23:07 16 Jan 03

click here Freeware,

click here Shareware.

Plenty to choose from there.

  MAJ 02:44 17 Jan 03

My favourite is JASP, click here, never had a problem with it. Can handle files up to 4 GB.

  MalcSP 09:36 17 Jan 03

Why would one want to have a file splitter? Is it to save space?

  powerless 09:45 17 Jan 03

You have a file that is 1000MB and you want to burn it to a CD. A CD can hold 700MB max...

So there 300MB left...

Split the file into two...

Burn two CDs...

Then merge the files where you want ie another computer.

Also with smaller file say 3 MB quicker to split the file and use floppies.

  MalcSP 10:01 17 Jan 03

I looked at JASP, as you suggested MAJ, and saw how it works. If the split files are put into one folder on the desination computer is there an additional BAT file that you click to have them merged. Apologies if this is way off the mark but I would like to know. Or, should I just 'suck it and see'?

  MAJ 10:05 17 Jan 03

That's correct, MalcSP, if you split a file into 10 parts, you will be presented with 11 files, one of which is the .bat file. Double click that .bat file and it merges the other 10 files to re-create the original.

  siarad 10:14 17 Jan 03

Files can be joined by:- copy file1+file2+file3 final. Then again very few peeps seem to have learned MSDOS

  MAJ 10:17 17 Jan 03

"Then again very few peeps seem to have learned MSDOS "

And are the poorer for it. In my case anyway, I believe.

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