where can i get a 3.5mm audio jack extender?

  Jwbjnwolf 13:44 23 Jan 11

click here
This is the sort of thing i am thinking of but i do not want a tecknica one.
where can i get a good quality one that is not anymore than ten pounds and from a high street shop if possible.

Oh yea by the way, where is the pound symbol on american keyboard layout?
If i have it to uk layout, some of the buttons become unusable so i have no option unless someone has a way around it.

  Jwbjnwolf 13:46 23 Jan 11

i only want one that will be the standard length of earphone cables.

  bremner 13:57 23 Jan 11

Ever heard of Maplins click here

  Ian in Northampton 14:07 23 Jan 11

I get this kind of thing off eBay - generally for £1 or less.

By definition, a US keyboard doesn't have a £ sign. On a US keyboard, a shifted 3 is a 'hash' (which is why Americans call the hash symbol a 'pound sign'). I'd suggest your only option is either insert/symbol for £, or Alt 0163.

  Ian in Northampton 14:09 23 Jan 11

I mentioned eBay - like this auction:

click here

  Jwbjnwolf 14:19 23 Jan 11

that is a meter and over.
You know standard sized earphone cables, ones that use for mp3s?
that is the length i want.

click here
The length of this speakers audio jack cable is only about 3/4", and i have attached a ring that you attach your keys and keyrings to, so i can attach it to a neck key holder band so i do not need the volume full-wack to hear it.Now, having my mp3 then hanging lose from the audio jack is not something i would dare to do, i like having it down in my trouser pocket where it is safe(unless there is a hole in your pocket, of course. Lol:0).

  Jwbjnwolf 14:23 23 Jan 11


  bremner 14:26 23 Jan 11

Three quarters of an inch long! ?

The shortest one I have seen on Amazon is a meter long.

  Jwbjnwolf 14:29 23 Jan 11

sorry meant about 3" or 4" sorry.

  robin_x 14:34 23 Jan 11

High St Pound shops, indoor and outdoor markets with electrical/tools/general stalls.

Supermarkets (the larger ones, out of town) electrical section.

City department stores. Richer Sounds/PC World/Currys/Comet.

Whats wrong with Technika on these items?
They all come from the same factories in China these days.

  Jwbjnwolf 14:48 23 Jan 11

I used to use a technika mp3, but that was useless, rubbish sound quality.
I prefre other brand names.
But before you mension, not Bush, i do not want any of George's stuff thank you very much.lol!

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