Where can I get....

  non_pc 14:17 03 Mar 05

I'm looking to spec a new pc and have tried online but haven't had any luck. Can anyone please give me some advice?

It needs to have the following:

Motherboard...but don't know what one.
3 gig memory
60-80 gig HD 7200
Fast dvd/cd writer
Usb 2.0 x4
Decent graphics/sound card (not that important though)
A good 19" flat screen
...and it all needs to fit in a small case...but it has to have room to upgrade!

Does anyone have an idea of price or where I could go to have this built? I was thinking somewhere around the £900 mark? +- is not a problem as I'm sure i've probably missed something off the list?! I don't know anything about pc's so building it myself is out of the question!

Any information/input would be grately appreciated.


  ThePharcyde007 14:28 03 Mar 05
  SANTOS7 14:28 03 Mar 05
  Alan H E 14:32 03 Mar 05
  Stuartli 14:33 03 Mar 05

..it myself..

That explains why you would be carrying it all around, including a 19in monitor, in a small suitcase...:-)

Most PC companies such as Mesh will build your system with far superior specifications than you list for around £600-£700.

See click here

for some offers or list your own spec:

click here

  Stuartli 14:41 03 Mar 05

Or Scan of Bolton's (click here) own systems at:

click here

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