Where can I find a template for A4 labels, 3 x 6 with no border?

  Ansie 22 Nov 12

Can anyone help me with a template for the above for MS Word 2007? I tried creating one as custom label, but I cannot get the labels to the edges of the page

  johndrew 22 Nov 12

Could it be caused by the print margin setup in 'Page Setup?

Or you could look through these.

  Chronos the 2nd 22 Nov 12

I get all my templates here. Avery.

  lotvic 22 Nov 12

Make new custom label by altering any label in this order:

  1. Alter both top & side margins to 0 cm

  2. Alter Number Across to 3 and number down to 6

  3. type in Height 4.95 and type in Vertical pitch 4.95

  4. alter Width to 7 cm and Horizontal pitch to 7 cm

Type label name in and click on ok

  Ansie 22 Nov 12

Johndrew - Thanks for the link, but I do not see an example of what I need. I have changed my margins, headers and footer to zero, but no luck.

Chronos the 2nd - Thanks - do you have a label number? I could not find that one without a border

Lotvic - Thanks - tried that too. I then end up with five rows on one page with black space at the bottom and the sixth row on the second page

  lotvic 22 Nov 12

Have you got page size set to A4 in all three - Labels - Word - Printer?

  Ansie 22 Nov 12

Hi Lotvic

Thanks for your prompt response.

Confirm A4 selected on Page Layout, label size - not sure where to set Word? May I send you the file via e-mail to check? Or printshots?

  Chronos the 2nd 22 Nov 12

This any use?

  Peter 22 Nov 12


Is the printer set to Boarderless i.e. no border at all at the edges of the A4 sheet.


  Sea Urchin 22 Nov 12


You must have typed the wrong height and vertical pitch for the label - should be 4.95

Then six rows will fit exactly on an A4 page without margins

Select A4 on that same custom label setup in Word.

  Sea Urchin 22 Nov 12


You don't need to set "borderless" - just top and side margins at 0 cms as per lotvic's instructions


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