Where can I find a template for A4 labels, 3 x 6 with no border?

  Ansie 09:28 22 Nov 12

Can anyone help me with a template for the above for MS Word 2007? I tried creating one as custom label, but I cannot get the labels to the edges of the page

  johndrew 11:43 22 Nov 12

Could it be caused by the print margin setup in 'Page Setup?

Or you could look through these.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:44 22 Nov 12

I get all my templates here. Avery.

  lotvic 11:52 22 Nov 12

Make new custom label by altering any label in this order:

  1. Alter both top & side margins to 0 cm

  2. Alter Number Across to 3 and number down to 6

  3. type in Height 4.95 and type in Vertical pitch 4.95

  4. alter Width to 7 cm and Horizontal pitch to 7 cm

Type label name in and click on ok

  Ansie 12:03 22 Nov 12

Johndrew - Thanks for the link, but I do not see an example of what I need. I have changed my margins, headers and footer to zero, but no luck.

Chronos the 2nd - Thanks - do you have a label number? I could not find that one without a border

Lotvic - Thanks - tried that too. I then end up with five rows on one page with black space at the bottom and the sixth row on the second page

  lotvic 12:32 22 Nov 12

Have you got page size set to A4 in all three - Labels - Word - Printer?

  Ansie 13:12 22 Nov 12

Hi Lotvic

Thanks for your prompt response.

Confirm A4 selected on Page Layout, label size - not sure where to set Word? May I send you the file via e-mail to check? Or printshots?

  Chronos the 2nd 13:26 22 Nov 12

This any use?

  Peter 13:30 22 Nov 12


Is the printer set to Boarderless i.e. no border at all at the edges of the A4 sheet.


  Sea Urchin 13:31 22 Nov 12


You must have typed the wrong height and vertical pitch for the label - should be 4.95

Then six rows will fit exactly on an A4 page without margins

Select A4 on that same custom label setup in Word.

  Sea Urchin 13:33 22 Nov 12


You don't need to set "borderless" - just top and side margins at 0 cms as per lotvic's instructions

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