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Where can I find PC component specs?

  tigger2406 20:42 16 Feb 03

This should be fairly simple....

I'm thinking (again) about buying some noise-reducing stuff for my PC... however it occurred to me that it wasn't much good buying things till I knew what I was trying to improve on!

The problem: all the kit currently inside my computer is what is was made with. So I've had the side off, and the model numbers are as follows:

for the PSU - Advance CWT-375ATX
processor fan - only has an AMD logo and the number 42066445
case fan - CreateFlow A8025M12S.

Only problem being that I can't track these things down by Googling. So if anyone has any ideas on the tech-spec (particularly noise production levels) I'd appreciate it...


  powerless 20:47 16 Feb 03

click here

I'll let you to go through them all ;-)

  tigger2406 00:33 17 Feb 03

OK, so i was daft enough to try putting the maker and the model name. Hey ho. Any ideas for the other things though?

  MAJ 01:10 17 Feb 03

If your having problems with noisy fans etc. take a browse around Overclockers, see if they have anything that might help. click here

  y_not 06:25 17 Feb 03

Download click here a small programme that will give you details of sound, video, CPU, HDD's etc.

Useful.....and free

  Pesala 09:01 17 Feb 03

Try this place for quiet components: click here

If you computer is a standard PC all of this kit will be an improvement. I keep my system unit under the desk, which helps a lot. CPU fan makes the most noise. Surprising that PC manufacturers have been so slow on the uptake regarding this issue.

For those of us who spend most of the day working on a PC it is an important selling point.

  Stuartli 11:43 17 Feb 03

Nothing daft about it at all - I'm surprised you didn't get any positive results.

  tigger2406 19:17 17 Feb 03

I've got the Belarc thingy, and while it tells me all sorts of interesting stuff much more easily than hunting through XP, it doesn't actually have a sound meter which is my real wish.

And thanks for recommending quietpc - i'd already been there, that's why I want to find out how noisy I actually am already (in numbers!), so I can cost the improvements. For instance, I may already have a quiet PSU so a marginally quieter one would not be worth the hassle.

Anyway, thanks... I'm still looking

  Psiman 19:35 17 Feb 03

Papst case fans are extemely quiet and I can recommend them. click here Also the new Enermax power supply units are very quiet and propogate little noise through the exhaust fan. (less than 30 dBA).

  Gongoozler 19:42 17 Feb 03

tigger2406, the only way you can really quantitavely do this is with a sound level meter. Unfortunately these are expensive items. £200 minimum.

If you want to see the price of noise meters have a look at RS Components click here

I don't think any of the manufacturers of computer parts specify the noise levels. They are difficult to quantify and most makers would not want to risk the problem of having to guarantee the levels under different conditions. If you want to see the typical noise levels of different types of fan, you may be able to get that kind of data from Papst click here

I think the makers of quiet cpu fans achieve the result by using larger slower moving fans, and by using variable speed control so the fan is only running at full speed when it really needs to.

  Psiman 21:32 17 Feb 03

Agreee Gongoozler, but Papst (and others) achieve their low noise levels because of the pitch of the fan blades which then in return relates to the required fan speed.

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