philfrisby 17 Jan 12

Hi, I have a Belkin G Router that is connected by Wi-Fi to My Toshiba Laptop, I only have to put my password in to connect the Laptop. How can I find that?? I must have had it once to connect the laptop? surely? Will it be stored anywhere on my Laptop?

  Zak 17 Jan 12

Check router for sticker etc.,

How to retrieve a wireless security password

  TonyV 17 Jan 12


It could be on the back of your router! WPA PSK-----


  KRONOS the First 17 Jan 12

I think you will find that its the routers password that you need.This will not be stored on your laptop. If you are one of the many people who forget to change the default login info then it might well be on the label on the router.Quite often it is nothing more than Admin for user name and Password for password.

If you did change it and have then forgotten it then you will have to reset the router,usually done bu sticking a thin item in a hole at the back of the router. This will reset everything back to default settings that it came with when you bought it.

  Zak 17 Jan 12

Add - Re above retrieval step 3 - If you have been using a desktop with this router hard wire connect router to PC and follow instructions.

  robin_x 17 Jan 12

List of default Router Logins pdf (not same as Wifi Keys)

Laptop must use same encoding as the router is expecting. ie WEP, WPA or WPA2. WPA2 is best.

  robin_x 17 Jan 12

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