Where can I find a a driver for a Tiny monitor

  Ramshackle 13:24 25 Jul 03

Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can help, I used to use a Tiny computer until I got so fedup with it going haywire.
The problem is I would like to give the monitor to someone but the driver was on the hard drive that has packed up completely.the monitor is Tiny branded and I don't know the manufacturer.
the details I have are as follows,
Model 19C
Serial No.KEO5417236
FCC ID. BEJCB995C (whatever that is)
Chassis No.CA-74
19" Standard VGA CRT Monitor
Manufactured Yr.2000

Is it,with these details possible to find a driver or just the manufacturers name?
Thank a lot

  xania 13:29 25 Jul 03

Try click here, although you could well find that the generic dirvers on your Windows install CD will work perfectly well.

  Giant68 13:30 25 Jul 03

I've never had a driver for my monitor I just leave the o/s to pick up default driver. Any pc you plug it into should just pick it up as default monitor.


  Stuartli 13:31 25 Jul 03

What's your graphics card?


click here=

  Gongoozler 13:36 25 Jul 03

Hi Ramshackle. BEJCB995C is a LG Electronics monitor model number, so I think the driver from here should do the job. The file you need is LGMNT.zip, so you will need to unzip it before using it. click here

  Ramshackle 14:01 25 Jul 03

What a wonderfull lot you are!!!
problem solved, I cant thank you all enough.


  dfghjkl 21:09 25 Jul 03

i have tiny monitor on a differant system,first with win 98se,then with xp pro,both os recognised as standard plug and play monitor,no problems

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