where can i buy second hand graphics cards?

  dfghjkl 21:51 04 Feb 04

is there a place that sells guarenteed,tested cards?etc.thanks.peter.

  TBH1 22:08 04 Feb 04

try ebay mate - - - or a second-hand graphics card shop . Only jokin - -try ebay.

  ensonricky 22:13 04 Feb 04
  caast©? 23:48 04 Feb 04

If you have a computer fair in your area, you will always find some one selling second hand goods.

Often many are supposed to be tested, but buy at your own risk.

I have bought many second hand goods and usually find them to work, and have been able to exchange any that did not.

again you pays your money and takes the risk. M

  rickf 00:29 05 Feb 04

cex is very expensive. Why 2nd hand as you never know if there's a fault with it unless you can test it first. Get a new one is my opinion.

  georgemac 07:39 05 Feb 04

I have bought second hand from ebay before, as long as you are buying from a good and trusted seller, with good feedback ratings it should be OK. I would never buy from any seller who states "easy to overclock"

You can normally pick up a 1 year old card for about a third to half of what it cost a year ago.

  Hyperangelic 09:07 05 Feb 04

I have a GeForce 2 with all the documentation etc. I bought it for my desktop and now I have a new Dell which came complete with card.

I'll let you have it if you can cover the postage.... I've tried to find a place I can sell it but without going the Loot route, it seems more hassle than it's worth. Mail me if you are interested.

  dfghjkl 12:55 05 Feb 04

thanks for your kind offer.so many good people on this site.i already have a mx440 but it is pci.i am looking at getting a 5600 or above,i just dont have the budget,i know you can get a low end 5600 for about £55.but still a bit dear at the moment,i want an agp card.i also hear that the top end ti range is good.i just thought that there might be a surplus of cards as people with too much money chase the best cards.i guess the pc fairs are my best option.i had a look at cex but could not find graphics cards from there homepage.thanks.peter.

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