Where to buy: Celeron S370 300-466MHz

  3dfx 09:01 11 Jul 03

Does anyone know where I could buy a small quantity (3) of celeron socket 370 processors from? The speed range can be from 300 to 466MHz with either a 66 or 100MHz FSB. Can a 1GHz celeron be underclocked?
Thanks in advance.

  Stuartli 09:19 11 Jul 03

These particular Celerons (66MHz FSB) were initially available about 1998-9, so it would probably be difficult to find any outlet still stocking them.

Probably the best bet is a computer fair but even that would involve a bit of luck.

  DieSse 10:16 11 Jul 03

"Can a 1GHz celeron be underclocked?"

Well it could be - but currently available iGHz Celerons (Tualtin)are a different chip to earlier types, and won't work in most (maybe all) older motherboards. The intel site has full details of chip differences.

I'm not saying you won't find any anywhere, but one practical solution is simply to get a new motherboard, and use the 1 to 1.3MHz current model processors.

This shouldn't require any other system changes, not even a PSU change, so would keep costs down (and as a side effect give you much faster systems).

  DieSse 10:18 11 Jul 03

iGHz Celerons (Tualtin) should read 1GHz Celerons (Tualatin)

Just in case of any misunderstanding.

Oh for an edit facility!!

  3dfx 13:24 11 Jul 03

I will be using the slow celerons in some single board computers, so upgrading the motherboard is not an option.

I've tracked down single quantities at different speeds on eBay, but anywhere online wants an arm and a leg for retail boxed slow processors.

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