Where are the Tom Tom Warnings

  Audeal 03:44 28 Aug 06

I use the Tom Tom Navigator 5.21 on my Mio A201 Digi Walker.

Can anyone tell me where the Tom Tom Warning files are stored and also can I make up my own warning files, such as Audio warning files and use them instead of the default files.

Many Thanks for any help given.


  johndrew 10:35 28 Aug 06

You could try asking on the official club site click here there may well be more knowledge than here.

  Audeal 12:03 28 Aug 06

johndrew. Thanks for your response, I will check it out later on as I have to go out for now.

  FelixTCat 12:29 28 Aug 06


If you mean the voice files for directions, etc, you might find this resource useful: click here

This tells you how to make your own files.



  Audeal 16:32 28 Aug 06

FelixTCat. The voice files are not what I mean, although the link is very interesting, but what I want to access is the warning sounds when, for example, I approach a Speed Camera.

I want to change them for an Audio File saying, For example " Speed Camera Ahead, 40 miles per hour". Possibly the "40 miles per hour" is expecting to much but nevertheless "Speed Camera Ahead" seems feasible to me, but maybe I am wrong.

  FelixTCat 17:03 28 Aug 06


I think that the problem is that the speed camera locations is a different file that you have downloaded.

I didn't know that you get any sound from that file - I thought it only showed the locations. TomTom just has a "Warn when near POI" sound which is the same for ANY POI you have installed, so I don't think it an be done.

The joy of there fora is that someone will always prove us wrong!!



  Bagsey 17:23 28 Aug 06

If you want laugh click on your link.

  Bagsey 17:30 28 Aug 06

The old Tom Tom Go website which was very good has for some reason folded up and now this
click here is supposed to answer all of our needs. I say thank goodness that I have very simple needs these days. But this one may be better click here Which Tom Tom are you using.??

  A p o l l o 18:41 28 Aug 06

Try looking here for changing the sound files

click here

A p o l l o

  Audeal 19:37 28 Aug 06

My thanks to everyone who replied to my query.

I think I have enough information to do what I want to do now, there are some interesting sites past on to me, so I will close this thread and get on with it. Many thanks to you all. Audeal

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