Where are my emails going

  alba6 09:50 22 Oct 12

I have just bought a new Lenovo PC running Windows 7 and set up Windows Live Mail for my email. I have 3 email accounts a 'gmail' address, 'googlemail' address and a 'talktalk' address. The 2 google accounts are set up as IMAP and the talktalkone as POP3. I get emails OK from the talktalk account but the Google accounts are mystifying.If I send an email from my old PC or my wife's PC and watch for them coming through they are OK but if I send the same email and don't try to read it until some time later I can't find it. We were away for the weekend and I came home to NO google emails, the talktalk ones were OK.

Any suggestions?

  alba6 11:03 22 Oct 12

TalkTalk mail is not problem, it comes through OK. Windows Live Mail is already default mail program. Thanks for trying Jock1e, Anybody else got any suggestions before I go round the twist???

  Sea Urchin 11:17 22 Oct 12

I would guess you have the IMAP settings for gmail configured incorrectly. Here is a guide - check it very carefully

Gmail settings in WLM

  Woolwell 12:14 22 Oct 12

Have you checked webmail of gmail to see if you have any e-mails in the inbox?

  alba6 12:49 22 Oct 12

Woolwell - How do I do that? Alister

  Woolwell 12:52 22 Oct 12

If you go to www.google.co.uk you should see gmail at the top (you may have to log in) and click on it.

  alba6 13:07 22 Oct 12

Sorry, I misunderstood. Yes I've done that and it's empty.

  Woolwell 13:11 22 Oct 12

If it's empty and you haven't downloaded any or deleted them and you are using imap then I suggest you haven't received any. Have you looked in the spam on gmail?

  Sea Urchin 13:15 22 Oct 12

As Woolwell says it seems you have not had any mail to your Google accounts. Why not send a test email from your TalkTalk account to your gmail account and check that it comes through OK.

  alba6 13:34 22 Oct 12

Yes, I've checked sending from my old PC and from my wife's laptop. Sometimes they get through but others just disappear. It's baffling. I've sent the same email to my gmail address and copied it to my googlemail one and one will get through but not the other. It seems that if I'm at the PC when they arrive it's OK but if I check later they don't. I'm not a novice, I've been involved with PCs for donkeys years but never seen anything like this! Alister

  Woolwell 13:58 22 Oct 12

For me gmail and googlemail are identical. I assume that you have a different name for each before the @gmail, etc.

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