where are icon's kept ??

  Chronos 11:51 10 Jun 04

hi, this is a carry on from the other threads on the same problem,, so i am trying a new approach,

running XP, i can not get an infrared icon to appear on the taskbar, even though it tells me the link is working.....so is there some folder or whatever, where the icons are kept, so i can see if there is one to start with...


  Graham ® 11:55 10 Jun 04

Open Wireless Link in Control Panel.

On the Infrared tab, do one of the following:
To hide the Wireless Link taskbar icon, clear the Display an icon on the taskbar indicating infrared activity check box. This check box is selected by default.

To display the Wireless Link taskbar icon, select the Display an icon on the taskbar indicating infrared activity check box.

  Chronos 12:06 10 Jun 04

hi, that is where the problem lies, I have reset this up more times than the sun has set, it tells me ,the device is working, but i can not get the icon to appear...all the boxes are ticked..

  Graham ® 12:29 10 Jun 04

It's not hidden, is it? Small, left arrow near the clock?

  woodchip 12:32 10 Jun 04

You need more than an Icon!!! you need a shortcut to the infrared. Try search on infrared.exe

  woodchip 12:33 10 Jun 04

Check that infrared is switched on in BIOS

  Chronos 12:40 10 Jun 04

Hi, it is not hidden, 16 icons, from AVG down to a wireless link to the PC upstairs..

it is switched on in the BIOS, :-((

  MartinT-B 12:49 10 Jun 04

Have you tried searching for *.ico?

There'll be a lot of hits, but I am pretty sure you'll be able to spot it pretty quickly as you scroll through the list.

This assumes that the Infared Icon is an .ico file!

  Chronos 13:02 10 Jun 04

I thought you might have cracked it there, done the search, and it came back with nothing relating to infrared...

  Graham ® 13:22 10 Jun 04

Can you confirm the IR link is working, and you can transfer files?

  Graham ® 13:34 10 Jun 04

OK, the icon is in file 'irmon.exe', do a search for that.

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