Where is all the RAM going????

  MikeyT 20:21 27 Feb 04

I have just put in another 256Mb of Ram taking PC to 512. I have run Sys Info and It shows Physical Ram at 512. Good, or so I thought because next it says only 244Mb of Physical Ram available.

Like where is it all going. Previously when it had a total of 256 it ran smoothly when gaming. Now it can be jumpy and slower. I thought RAM was supposed to help stop it slowing down?

Am running XP home as well if that helps

  slimbo51 20:24 27 Feb 04

Your op/sys and background running programs are using it.

I have the same amount of ram as you, and only show 270mb left on mine.

  pinka 20:25 27 Feb 04

your memory is taken up by firstly your os (xp home) and secondly any other programs you have running. to get the best performance when you are gaming use msconfig and remove all non microsoft preocesses. this will free up ram, also you can turn down the xp effects and use no wallpaper.

  slimbo51 20:25 27 Feb 04

I use XP Pro as my Op/Sys.

  porci 20:25 27 Feb 04

Your task manager should show you what is sucking your resources

  MikeyT 20:35 27 Feb 04

Thanks Folks!

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