When using tablet touch screen keyboard to edit text

  SparkyJack 17:50 26 Jul 14
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On this forum, when I tap a 'typo'tocorrectthe screen refreshes to another link on the site, such pca or link tin or tube..Facebook etc.,

It take much tapping back and forth to get back,occasionally loosing the thread altogether.

So why and can it be stopped.

My finger/stroke stylus do not stray from the page doing this,also it seems to be only when responging to a question.

  Woolwell 18:16 26 Jul 14

I find that this site leaves a lot to be desired on a tablet or smartphone. It is all too easy to tap on the wrong portion or think that the tap hasn't worked and tap again which then leads you goodness knows where. One tip I can give is let the page settle down before tapping, make sure all of the ads have loaded, you need patience.

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