Whats these?

  pac73 05:21 11 Dec 06

Hi guys,ive just noticed 4 files in a folder called Recover on DRIVE E,they are Retten.000,001,002,and 003,and their big files with 689 mb for the first 3 files.And the last one is 356 mb ram.Does anybody know what they are,and whats their use,thanks Paul.

  radi8or 05:41 11 Dec 06

Hi pac73,

Is your drive E a partition? if so could be your recovery files.

Have read here click here
hope it helps

Regards Bob

  skidzy 07:02 11 Dec 06

Agree with the above,it looks like you a have a recovery partition.

If you tap possible F11 or the delete key on startup you should see the 3 options.

Is this a Medion pc/laptop by any chance.

  pac73 19:08 11 Dec 06

Skidzy,yes its a medion pc.So i definately should keep them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 11 Dec 06

These are part of the image of your hard disk as it was set up in the factory.

If you need to do a recover these files are vital.

  pac73 19:17 11 Dec 06

But retten.exe is,nt there.

  skidzy 19:21 11 Dec 06

Yes yes yes

Do not delete these.

Have you entered the partition yet possibly F11 or the delete key on startup.

The 3 options are something like

Repair without losing data
Repair with restore
Destructive recovery (factory settings)

Not absolutely positive of my wording,but you need this partition maybe for future use.

  skidzy 19:24 11 Dec 06

Sorry Fruit Bat /\0/\ i was away from the pc for a moment and forgot to refresh.

  pac73 19:26 11 Dec 06

skidzy,what do i do when i get into the partition.Theres nothing wrong with my pc.

  skidzy 19:35 11 Dec 06

Nothing if the pc is working fine.

We are just making sure you understand what it is used for and how you get to access the partition if needed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 11 Dec 06

If your PC crashes you can restoreit to its original state (as you got it), provided you DO NOT deletefiles in the recovery partition or resize any of the partitions.

To restore to originl state.

1. Insert Support CD and reboot the PC
2. Select the Option to Start from CD ROM
3.Follow the on screen instructions.
4 The PC will restart to its original factory settings.

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